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Problem with the IRS? Get Tax Help in Corona, California

Do you need professional help with IRS tax problems in the Corona area? If so, Your Tax Geeks is interested in learning more about your situation. With years of experience and extensive training, Christopher Jonathan Ramirez has offered tax help for clients with various of federal tax problems, including:

  • IRS audit representation
  • Non-filed tax returns
  • Outstanding back taxes
  • Payroll tax issues
  • IRS liens
  • IRS levies
  • IRS wage garnishment
  • IRS seizures

We start by listening to your current situation, and then we develop a strategy to bring the problem to a favorable resolution. Our professional team will take the time to create a unique strategy based on your needs. We want you to feel comfortable with the outcome when a resolution is reached.

Some common resolutions include:

  • Offer in compromise
  • Installment plan
  • Penalty abatement

We may also negotiation other solutions, depending on the nature of your tax issue. You never know what's possible until you have experienced professionals working on your behalf.

Call Us and Discover Your IRS Solutions

No matter the kind of tax problems you face, there is a way to satisfy the IRS without ruining your financial health. Your Tax Geeks can find the IRS solutions you need to get your life back on track. With our help, you can get back to a life free of tax debt.

To learn more about the IRS solutions at your disposal, contact us today. We look forward to taking the stress off your shoulders with our tax help.

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