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Professional Tax Resolution Service in Corona, California

You're never alone with your tax problems in the Corona area. Christopher Jonathan Ramirez EA & Associates LLC is a reputable tax resolution service backed by years of experience and extensive training. Christopher Jonathan Ramirez, EA, commits to more than 50 hours of professional training every year. He goes above and beyond to understand tax law so that he can help his clients overcome overwhelming tax burdens.

Our expertise extends to a variety of tax problems. If you're tax liability is growing by the day or you were wrongly assessed by a tax agency, our expertise is what you need to resolve the matter quickly. The longer you ignore a tax issue, the more money you will likely owe the state or IRS.

Our tax resolution professionals can help you negotiate a variety of outcomes, including:

  • Settlement negotiation
  • Installment agreements
  • Penalty abatement

We make tax problem resolution simple by dealing with the tax agencies on your behalf. As an EA, Christopher Jonathan Ramirez can communicate directly with the administration levels of all tax agencies. He has access beyond that of most citizens and CPAs. You never have to worry that you'll say the wrong thing when you have trained professionals speaking up for you.

Your Tax Problem Resolution Experts

It's not easy to find tax problem resolution services that are comprehensive and affordable. Christopher Jonathan Ramirez EA & Associates LLC hopes to change that dynamic by offering a professional tax resolution service that businesses and individuals can afford. Our rates are transparent and reasonable because we understand that you already have financial obstacles weighing you down.

We start by listening to your concerns and thoroughly understanding your tax problems. Once you partner with Christopher Jonathan Ramirez, his team of law specialists will go to work on your case. They will communicate with top-level tax authorities to find a solution to your problem as quickly as possible. All negotiations are in the hands of well-trained experts who know what questions to ask, what paperwork to file and what agreements to request.

Don't face your tax obstacles alone. Contact us today to get a team of tax law specialists on your side.

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